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Reliant is a  big supporter of TalTech and we'd like to thank them by making them our spotlight feature!
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  • Fri, Jul 01
    Did you know Domi is coming up on its 8 year anniversary? There will be something a little extra than our usual First Fridays… like mmmmm cake 🍰 and a chance to leave you mark by signing Domi memorabilia. Come join us July 1st @ 5 pm to celebrate! Click the link below to register 👇
  • Thu, Jun 30
    June 30th at 10am at the MagLab, Talent Hub proudly presents Revolutionizing Magnet Solutions hosted by Talent Pipeline Management (TPM), Launch Tally, Ruvos, The Greater Tallahassee Chamber and Mag Corp. For more information reach out to

Reliant Platform transforms and enables a wide range of application, systems and network configurations. It also replaces Retail’s traditional, inflexible approach to store systems with an agile model that can be centrally managed across a countless number of stores.


This eliminates the need for additional dedicated equipment to run each in-store application. The result: retail executives can keep pace with modern customer engaging applications while keeping costs in control by using this highly flexible and secure architecture.


In addition to our patented Platform, we also offer consulting services and a managed services program. Our management team is QIR, CISSP and CISM-certified and consists of leaders in the fields of networking, PCI compliance, POS and payment technology.


Our clients include many of the world’s foremost global retail brands in the specialty retail, luxury, restaurant and convenience store industries.

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Reliant automates the management of your technology. By addressing security, networking, and in-store computing on a holistic basis, we help retail and hospitality chains reduce the cost and risk of delivering the next generation of customer-engaging applications to their stores. Reliant allows you to consolidate a wide range of different network, security, infrastructure, and application functions into a single in-store platform. The results are reduced costs, improved security, and increased reliability.
Our active participation on the PCI Security Standards Council is paramount to our commitment to PCI. This focus is what allows us to maintain our solutions at the forefront of the PCI Regulations. As a result, we keep our clients ahead of the continuing changes and demands of PCI compliance.

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