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Document Management Software & Workflow Solutions Seminar


When it comes to a smooth running operation that gives you the power to work wonders, magic just doesn’t cut it. Learn how document management and workflow solutions can improve costs, compliance, collaboration and continuity for your business.

Lunch & Valet Provided 


July 14, 201511:30am-1pm

Florida State University Alumni Center

Rendina Room | 1030 W Tennessee St

PLUS: Enter to win an iPad!


(Please register in advance for lunch choice!)

Think Like a Futurist Book on sale!

We have still have a  few books on sale from TechExpo’s 2015 Keynote address speaker, Cecily Sommers. Please contact admin@taltech. org if you would like to reserve your own copy!

Think Like a Futurist shows how to track changes, explore questions, and engage in new thinking that connects today’s pressures with tomorrow’s realities. Cecily Sommers shows how to apply long-term focus and strategies to needs as diverse as  industry forecasts, innovation challenges, leadership development, or future-proofing a brand. By understanding intersecting potentials that one day may impact your organization, you can readily spot emerging trends and market shifts, uncovering opportunities on the horizon.

Think Like a Futurist explores such questions as: Where will new markets emerge over the next 5-10-25 years? What will be the big issues of the day? How will lifestyle, social mores, and policy adapt? And what role do we play in that future?

  • Offers a clear framework for thinking like a futurist, and direction for how to integrate it in high-pressure corporate environments
  • Explains how the social, economic, and environmental crises of our time spring from just four constant and predictable forces
  • Reveals the three dramatic disruptions on the horizon that should be a part of every strategic conversation
  • Written by Cecily Sommers the Founder and President of The Push Institute, a non-profit think tank that tracks significant global trends and their implications for business, government, and non-profit.

Filled with tools and models for a new world, this book should be required reading for strategists and innovators across disciplines.



Join us Thursday April 2, 2015 at the FSU Conference Center for TalTech Alliance’s 8th annual TechExpo conference. TechExpo is the only annual technology conference in Tallahassee dedicated to bringing the techie community new industry developments, time and money-saving techniques and tools to optimize your organization’s productivity and profitability.

This is your opportunity to network with other technology-based business leaders and interact with our knowledgeable speakers and exhibitors. Whether you are a business leader, you’re starting up, or you’re in college; TechExpo will engage, educate, and employ you.

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We’ve EVOLVED— What’s New in 2015?

Technology is continuously evolving and being improved upon—and so are we!  During the 8th annual TechExpo Conference, you can expect a new experience.  We’ve been working hard year-round to bring you informative presentations from highly experienced presenters who are experts in their field. Our exhibitors form a collection of local and national organizations eager to network and recruit talent.

Our commitment to retaining talent in Tallahassee begins with our strategic partnership with Florida IT Career Alliance—whose mission is to help recruit, retain and employ Florida’s next generation technology workforce. This year, your sponsorship of TechExpo will underwrite student admissions to generate recruitment opportunities for highly-qualified STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) students.

A new presentation track has also been added to our agenda—key in: Scrum Jumpstart. Our friends over at Advanced System Design (ASD) are dedicated to providing an unparalleled ‘Intro to Scrum’ workshop during the conference. That’s not all! The Project Management Institute will be awarding 7.5 Professional Development Units to Project Managers who complete the course.

To add a little bit of competitive fun, we’ve decided to hold a Rube Goldberg Competition during the conference! Engineering students will be creating an overly complex contraption, designed with humor and a narrative, to accomplish a simple task. Winners will receive a prize at the post conference party at Madison Social.

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TalTech Sponsors FSU Stacking Layers

About The Symposium

TalTech Alliance is proud to announce the sponsorship of FSU Stacking Layers II. As part of the sponsorship agreement, 25 TalTech members have the opportunity to attend the event at no cost! This opportunity is first come, first serve, so please register at your earliest convenience!

Florida State University presents an exploration of 3D printing technologies and research for students, teachers, innovators and entrepreneurs. From creating product prototypes, to manufacturing custom parts and products, from generating architectural models, to creating ceramics and sculpture, from producing fashion apparel and jewelry, to printing artificial limbs and generating replacement organs from stem cells, 3D printing is impacting every industry and research interest. Stacking Layers II digs deep into 3D printing applications with an exploration of the impact of additive manufacturing on industry and the marketplace, a look at the technology that brought the world first 3D-printed car, NASA’s research on 3D printing buildings on the moon from moon dust using autonomous robots, Bio-3D Printing, using cells, biologics and/or biomaterials as building blocks to fabricate personalized 3D structures or functional in vitro biological models, 3D printing open source, custom, microfuidic lab equipment, and much more. Join us for an enlightening two days.

Stacking Layers: In person, streamed and on-demand

Stacking Layers presentations will be streamed live online and accessible on-demand after the symposium at http://learningforlife.capd.fsu.edu/3d/.

For more information visit: http://stackinglayers.fsu.edu/

TechExpo 2015 Opportunities

Here’s an Opportunity.

TalTech Alliance would like to extend a sponsorship opportunity for our 8th Annual TechExpo Conference. TechExpo 2015: EVOLVE will be held on April 2nd at the Florida State University (Turnbull) Conference Center in Tallahassee, Florida.

Technology is continuously evolving and being improved upon—and so are we!  You can expect a new experience at the 2015 TechExpo Conference.  We’ve been working hard, year-round, to bring you informative presentations from highly experienced presenters who are experts in their field. Our exhibitors form a collection of local and national organizations eager to network and recruit talent.

Sponsoring a community-based event that strives to create opportunity, foster growth, and promote the greater Tallahassee area as a source of technology innovation will strategically increase awareness and networking potential for your organization!

TechExpo 2014 Highlights

Please contact AmandaKuff@taltech.org to Sponsor or Exhibit.

Seeking Speakers for TechExpo 2015

TechExpo 2015:EVOLVE – Proposal Submissions

TalTech Alliance invites you to present at TechExpo 2015:EVOLVE, to be held April 2nd at the Florida State University Turnbull Center in Tallahassee, Florida.
Participants at TechExpo 2015 want to hear about the newest industry developments and time-saving techniques, how to get new IT ventures off the ground, and ways they can do their jobs or run their organizations more productively and profitably. Please submit original presentation ideas that concentrate on concrete examples. Your submission should include as much detail about your planned presentation as possible. The more we know about what you plan to present, the better. Proposals which are vague or cover too much material are unlikely to be accepted. We are willing to consider multiple submissions from the same presenter, so please consider splitting large proposals into multiple smaller ones in order to fit within the time constraint.

If you are one of the following:

  • IT application designer, developer, programmer
  • Enterprise developer or manager
  • IT manager or CxO
  • Technology User Group Leader
  • Entrepreneur
  • Activist
  • Trainer and/or educator

Proposals should focus on:

  • Delivering information that can be acted upon
  • Tools people actually use
  • Not simply repeating manual content or web pages


Some of the topics we want to see for the 2015 conference program are:

  • Social Media / Creative – Tools, trends, uses, techniques
  • Security and Ethics – Protection, policy, doing business/living in the digital age
  • Tech and the Economy – Cost-savings, cost control, doing more with less
  • Infrastructure – Cloud computing (including cloud databases), virtualization, enterprise management
  • Tech Entrepreneurship & New Business Ventures
  • Mobile technology – Apps, interactions, trends
…but we’re open-minded and curious, so surprise us.