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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan supports our Mission and Vision.  This plan is a “living document” intended to evolve as our needs and environment change.  The TalTech Board of Directors revisits the Strategic Plan at least once a year to ensure it remains relevant and useful.

GOAL 1: Improved Sustainability of the Organization
‣   Develop more effective recruitment and guidance of volunteers

‣   Document internal processes and initiatives

‣   Improve internal communications

GOAL 2: Improved Financial Standing

‣   Identify sustainable funding sources

‣   Increase capital funds

‣   Increase and diversify membership / sponsors

‣   Obtain  Administrative Director

GOAL 3: Improve Community Standing

‣   Increase our influence as a “trusted advisor”

‣   Develop better public relations

‣   Promote entrepreneurship

‣   Develop better informed constituents

‣   Increase quality and frequency of technology-oriented internships

‣   Cover all technology, not just IT

GOAL 4: Improved Benefits for our Members and the Local Community

‣   Encourage more tech innovation and opportunity

‣   Facilitate better access to funding (VC, Angel, other)

‣   Improve the local business environment

‣   Improve tech job market

‣   Provide better resources for start-ups

‣   Offer more actionable information

Upcoming Events
  • Wed, Jan 17
    TalTech Luncheon
    Jan 17, 2018, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
    Capital City Country Club, 1601 Golf Terrace Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32301, USA
    Trans Am Depot shares a bit about their operation!
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