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About Us

Who We Are

TalTech Alliance is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit alliance of businesses, academic centers, entrepreneurs and individuals invested in promoting technology-based entrepreneurship, business expansion, and innovation in the Capital region. We continuously seek to expand our businesses and promote innovation in order to strengthen our region’s business community.

Our Mission

TalTech Alliance’s Mission is to bring together government, education, and business to create opportunity, foster business growth, and promote the greater Tallahassee area as a source of technology innovation.

Our Vision

TalTech Alliance’s Vision is that Tallahassee and its surrounding areas will be Florida’s Capital for technology.

Our History

Florida ranks among the top 4 Cyberstates for high-tech employment, cutting edge technology and innovation. Advanced technologies and innovation attract investment, fuel productivity and stimulate economic growth. Where innovation thrives, so will successful business enterprise.

Tallahassee, as the State Capital, possesses a vibrant business climate with advanced research and development in local universities and entrepreneurial energy. Our enviable geography and growing population make our region prime for attracting and nurturing technology-based businesses and innovative pursuits. Already, the technology sector is one of the largest private business sectors in the Capitol Region, with startup activity substantially exceeding national averages.

The TalTech Alliance is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization focused on uniting our many technology-oriented corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, service providers, investors, civic lenders, individuals and students from all sectors of our community. From its origins in the Spring of 2001 as a summit sponsored by the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, TalTech has emerged as a vibrant organization of over 250+ members representing over 75 area businesses. The vision of TalTech’s leadership is to have strong, fully integrated technology, education and business sectors so that we all can enjoy the benefits of a more diverse, stable and competitive economy.

The work of TalTech is accomplished through our many committees under the guidance of the elected Board of Directors. All members are encouraged to participate in committees and programs, for it is that participation, the synergy of collective thought and commitment to our mutual goals, that drives the success of our mission.

TalTech serves as a clearinghouse for technology-related information of interest to members and as a sponsor of educational seminars and other programs focused on cultivating a superior tech-workforce in the Capital Region. TalTech further serves its members by providing ample networking opportunities, internship and job search resources, and participation in State and Regional economic development and technology-focused initiatives. TalTech strives to become the leader in strengthening our region’s technology businesses, resources and opportunities, and making the Capital Region a center for technological innovation and achievement in the Southeast.

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