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  • Josh Gundal

May Luncheon: The User Experience

Our monthly luncheon was held this past Wednesday, May 16th. Darren Allen, the managing director of UX at The Moore Agency, joined us to share his ideas on the User Experience.

Darren began his presentation by explaining how easy the User Experience is to overlook. When creating a product or website, we are always focused on making sure the product is functional, but we never think about how a customer might interact with it. It’s common to forget that the customer will have significantly less product awareness compared to the manufacturer. Darren explained that User Research is crucial to any company’s success. If an organization’s customers can’t use their product, how will they make any money? Darren continued with how beneficial it is to constantly be researching how a customer is interacting with a product vs. how they are intended to interact with it. With proper research, companies can look at how little changes in their products can greatly improve performance and profits.

Darren Allen’s presentation definitely got us thinking outside of the box. With examples from fire extinguishers to online shopping, clear usability gives companies their best chance of clear communication and functionality for their customers. We really appreciate The Moore Agency and Darren Allen for their time and research. TalTech’s next event will be a Tech on Tap, the date is still TBD. Be sure to regularly check our website for any more upcoming events!

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