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  • Wendi Cannon

2017 TalTech Alliance Chairman’s Award

As we were planning TechExpo, I learned I got the honor of giving out the Chairman's Award. I knew immediately who I wanted to recognize as a longtime supporter of TalTech. And particularly the support and encouragement the recipient has given me during the last 6 months as Chair.

I decided to contact the recipients spouse to get some inside information and fun facts. Some information I received: recipient was born and raised in Tallahassee, 5th generation Floridian, he’s a “Jack of All Trades”, smartest person I know, kindest and most giving person too.

But it was this story that perfectly represents the type of man the recipient is. His spouse said “He loves his gun collection. When he was younger and just starting out, he sold all his guns to buy my engagement ring. That’s just the kind of guy he is! We have been married 31 years.”

Its and honor to present this year’s 2017 TalTech Alliance Chairman’s Award to George Varn.

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