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  • Josh Gundal

January Luncheon: Trans Am Depot - The Return of a Legend

On January 17th, 2018 TalTech hosted the Trans Am Depot at our monthly luncheon sponsored by Summit Group Commercial Properties, LLC. Co-Founder, Jim Dowling, General Manager, Brendan Draper and Master Painter, Keith Powel each spoke about Trans Am Depot and Trans AM Worldwide, and even brought their stunning version of the Burt Reynolds Bandit Trans Am.

The Trans Am depot began in 2011 when Todd and Scott Womack got together with Jim Dowling and Kevin Powel. Together they and obtained exclusive rights to the Trans Am Brand. Over the course of the past next years, the team made many tweaks to their initial product, even signing a partnership with Hurst Performance.

The team begins by taking a new car into their state of the art facility and stripping it almost entirely, replacing around 350 parts. These parts are all created by their own design and engineering team. No one else in the country is installing T-tops, especially not at the quality that the Trans AM Depot is producing. PPG Industries, Inc. has provided Powel and his painting team with a touch screen computer system and mixing system allowing perfect color match and custom colors. The Trans Am Depot offers four custom performance packages ranging from 500 to 850 Horse Power. These machines can MOVE. The Trans Am team highlighted the technologies that have been created to make their business successful and their process significantly smoother.

Thanks again to Trans Am for taking the time to share their experiences and business with us. They are just another example of how tech transcends all industries. As we move forward into 2018 make sure to check the TalTech event schedule for upcoming events!

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