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  • Josh Gundal

February Luncheon: Branding and Social Media Promotion

Our monthly Luncheon was held on February 21, 2018, covering the topics of branding and social media management for businesses. Ryan Cohen, Executive Vice President of Sachs Media Group, and Sarah Tyson Alfano, Social Media Manager of SalterMitchell PR, each spoke on how businesses can be greatly improved by establishing a brand and promotion through social media, as well as provide tips and tricks on how to promote successfully.

Ryan began his portion by discussing the “elevator pitch.” Though usually said to be 30 seconds, we learned that we should be able to explain our organizations purpose in 10 seconds, yet be clear enough for a 3 year old to understand. With various potential target audiences in mind, our pitch should be exciting and gain the listeners support. One example Ryan gave was Spotify’s “Music for everyone.” These ideas must be conveyed throughout the organization, ensuring synergy within the company. Ryan continued by discussing possible needs for renaming an organization, giving us examples of companies who changed their name in order to fit their changing business models. An organizations name is the first thing a potential client, employee, or investor will see, and needs to accurately represent the company’s goals.

After Ryan established how to create a solid company image, Sarah explained how to create social media profiles that accurately portrays your brand. By taking advantage of the analytics provided by most of the platforms, we can gear our posts towards specific target audiences, maximizing the efficiency of each post. Social Media is the chance for a company to become more than just a name and product/service. Done correctly social media can give your brand a real personality, connecting you to your clients. Show how your brand is unique and positively impacts society and clients will feel a real connection and support your business. Social media is an often overlooked tool that, for many organizations, can be their biggest marketing asset.

Tech continues to change and advance. In order to stay profitable, organizations need to adapt and take advantage of all the tools at hand. Regardless of the industry, branding and social media can be incredibly advantageous in competitive business environments.

Huge thanks to Ryan and Sarah for sharing some very useful information! With more events right around the corner, be sure to keep an eye on our Events page. Up next we have Tech on Tap at Madison Social on March 8th. Following that we have our first ever Fight Night at Domi Station where you can sit ringside as two start-ups duke it out to become Pitch Champion!

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